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Audio Postcards Canada


With this amazing on-line sound art exhibition, Canada listens in to the places, people, creatures, geography, cities and voices that make up this vast and richly diverse land. And I have the opportunity to curate. Launch  July 18, 2016. World Listening Day. Look for the live link here!

Canacoustica: Canadian Perspectives on Environment and Sound

The WFAE’s Soundscape Journal Canadian Edition is guested edited by Andrea Dancer with Eric Powell and Randolph Jordan. The journal features a broad range of Canadian perspectives on environment and sound,and includes my theoretical, poetic, and photographic-based article entitled Listening as Reciprocity: Heidegger’s Appropriation in Being-Time. The journal is available online at

Cowcaphony: Listening as Other

This arts-based research essay is a foray into sound composition, poetic and photographic story to open the listening space of the creature other.  Available at the Canadian Association for Sound Ecology online journal

Profound Listening: Poetics, Living Inquiry, Arts-based Practice and Being-presence in Soundwalk-Soundscape Composition

The Doctoral thesis (Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education, University of British Columbia) online at

The thesis introduces educators to the concept of listener-to-soundscape tropes through arts-based research. It consists of: writing (scholarship, narrative, and poetics), listening (soundwalking, field recording, and soundscape compositions), processing (artistic, literary, and curatorial practice across genres), documenting (living and poetic inquiry, research, reflection on works), and as a pedagogic and hybrid means of knowledge acquisition. It engages the mainstream educator and arts-based researcher communities as listener-readers in a process of coming-to-know acoustically, intellectually, and experientially through an open-ended process that is self-reflective.

It includes the following compositions as case studies:

Walking Sound

A sound composition inspired by a soundwalk performance and a collaboration between myself and intermedia artist Michal Kindernay broadcast on October 29th on the Czech Vltava airways. The piece is a commission from Michal Rataj of the EBU Ars Acustica program R(a)dio(custica).


A soundwalk composition for radio featuring the cello improvisations of Sarah Atkinson (Korea, Toronto, Budapest), this work  is an excursion through the passageways and cloisters in the Grand Priory and Maltese Square areas of Prague.  Broadcast on R(a)dio(custica) on Czech Radio. 

Erotics of Sound

Online Sound Art Exhibition, the Erotics of Sound, was part of Decadence Now!   Sarah Boothroyd (CAN) * Annea Lockwood (NZ/ USA) * Aviva – nom de plume (CAN) * Eric Leonardson (USA) * Daniel Blinkhorn (AU) * Alice Calm (FRA) * Honeyant (AU) * Majena Mafe ( AU) * Jesse Seay (USA) * anonymous* Andrea Dancer (CAN) – curator.