Andrea Dancer

Sound Artist Composer Educator


Inbetween everywhere all at once —
blurry eyed but clear eared.

I am a trans-disciplinary artist-academic working in multiple ways in multiple areas of knowledge: visual artist, writer-poet, radio-feature documentarian, soundscape artist, acoustic ecologist, and a practitioner and educator in arts-based research.

Theoretically, I’m working with concepts such as experiential knowing through sound such as in Heidegger’s last lecture, a call for an end to philosophy and return to experience as an “Appropriation” of time by being and being by time — particularly useful to an acoustic way of being and knowing..

That means that I experience and analyze my lifeworlds (which are many and complex) vertically and horizontally. I travel deeply through my terrain.

Here is a list of works.

Acoustic sensablilities

I come to this work from many places — radio, poetry, artistic practice — and a quest for deep and deeper listening every day in my world — in this time to be shared. I listen with growing curiosity to my body and my movement in the world in relation to everything else I move through and encounter.

Even in death, my body will continue to bubble and crunch and slurp and puff long after I — the eye-I that is staring, thinking, typing this to this you — is gone and forgotten. The last thing that remains is the first: the sounds of matter in encounter. The encounters that matter.

Poetic sensabilities

Poetry sounds place. The sounding of words, their syntax, tonal and rhythmic registers work to re-constitute the poem’s original circumstance, its physical environment, and the lived process of its crafting. I am fascinated by the way sound situates each thing spatially according to its acoustic niche in a vast and complex communicatory stream.

Poetic aspiration (pun intended) can be understood as the ventriloquism of the existentiall hum. The Ur poem sounds through neural pathways, genetic code, the musculature of mundane living.

I compose poems with an ear toward the musicality and mutability of words; with an inner ear as well as eye that recreates a sense of place for the recipient to enter imaginatively; with sound, silence and breath as acoustic material necessary for sharing that experience.

Silence, which exceeds the definitions of sound evades the written page and is the component which gives sound its meaning, acting as the pivot, the space for musing and imagining.

Every day presents possibilities for activism, for a turning of life-worlds that are, in my experience, mediated meditation in sound.

Thanks for listening.

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