Andrea Dancer

Sound Artist Composer Educator

Strategies for Sound Art Engagement

I never made a painting as a work of art, it’s all research. — Pablo Picasso

It begins with a question, a curiosity, a lapse. Nurtured, it becomes a preoccupation, an obsession, a passion to understand self and other differently. In the search for meaning, especially in art, it’s all re-search — iterations of iterations.

Three strategies for opening sound to contemporary arts students are outlined below. They are layered and interwoven, each project and syllabus and outcome coming out of and leading to another.  Like sound itself, the practice and teaching of sound art is an act of locating oneself with equanimity in the world of planetary existence.

Into the Field

Case StudyLearning Outcomes, Sample Syllabus

Processing Process

Case Study,  Learning Outcomes

Connecting Communities of  Practice

Case StudyLearning Outcomes

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