Andrea Dancer

Sound Artist Composer Educator

Arts-Based Research

Case study:  Metronome

Learning Outcomes

  • to engage deeply in sound art process, sound as lived experience, and its artistic perameters in relation to a major; art project  and to identify strategies for documenting that engagement;
  • to experiment with different art practices in tandem with sound to come to multi-modal ways of knowing;
  • to situate the self as a profound listener: acoustic investigator, artist, citizen, subject, insider / outsider, culturally and historically acoustically delineated, and as from within the academy as an acoustic researcher;
  • identify, incorporate, and apply critical spatial and cultural theory to acoustic art-making and project aims;
  • to frame, re-frame, articulate, present and discuss a one’s art work from as a multiplicitous body of work ;
  • become familiar with qualitative techniques and methodologies, formulate questions / arguments / manifestos,  and evaluate how those formulations are denied, met or exceeded within aspects of major acoustic art projects;
  • to design research that is individual and contends with indeterminacy, uncertainty, misfires, and flux that is vital to the artistic process and inherent in acoustic ways of knowing and being.

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