Andrea Dancer

Sound Artist Composer Educator

Student Work

Excerpts from projects:

Minna L. – Let’s Play Life

Lets play life_Overview

Project – Photo Documentation

Evaluation of Instruction

Viola G. – 4 Patro


Paternoster Audio

Milla-Mari N. -The Rhythm of Prague

Project Overview

Metronome Audio


Audio language lessons and  photographic images (slides) looped.

For me, the most interesting aspect was completely unexpected. Since I was playing the audio lessons and showing pictures and texts randomly, I noticed that each picture/sound/text combination was different every time you experienced it. Sometimes the words matched exactly, sometimes there was a question/answer relationship. Sometimes it seemed like the picture was communicating directly while other times it felt like the dialogue was outside of the picture, yet somehow reflecting upon it. This was the process of detournemant in practice. What also emerged was an unexpected relationship between the pictures themselves. I purposefully did not set two pictures of the same set consecutively. There were four themes that were linear in time, but intertwined in progression, which said something about stages of life, development, and each person’s place in the world. This was my revelation. I was learning something, possibly about myself, that was completely unintended. Actually, it was amazing, and I could not believe that I had done it! As I understand it, this process of creation and self-discovery derived from the physical act of doing art is the essence of art-based research.


Higher Browsing

Installation with recorded conversations coming from objects such as tea pot.

Making space for art
 The creative benefits of cross-discipline inquiries
to conceptualizing the gallery space as the art object, collapsing these once separate entities of the art institution into a simple form with complex ideals as an and the researched paper itself as a guide to the mobility between artist and  language 

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