Andrea Dancer

Sound Artist Composer Educator

Sound Art

Process: Overview

My multi-media arts practice cuts across media / genre.  Over a life long cultivation, it is currently grounded in acoustic arts as arts-based research. I also co-create with different types of artists, ecologists and musicians in projects increasingly diverse but focused on lived experience. Capturing this through multiple forms of engagement and deeper nuanced understanding  is at the heart of my practice. 

Sound is an integral part of  everyday life, immersive and spatial – and a rich emergent art form.  I invite you to put on quality headphones, take some down time, and open alternate listening space. Enjoy!

Walking Sound  *   Cloist(au)ral  * Sounds Like Home  *  Effluxunnel * Love of Dead Meat *  Silence in the Salish Sea *  Playing Indian  *

Home Here and There

This solo Exhibition Catalogue   chronicles a process of coming to knowedge through interdisciplinary arts-based resesarch and in multiple genres / media evolving towards a composition in sound.

Home Here and There is about being in flux geographically as well as a person, citizen, and artist.  The exhibition consisted of a series of photographs, video, text, spoken word performance, theory, and spatialized sound on four speakers.

The exhibition was also a learning space for students in courses at Anglo American, where it was housed, as well as other institutions such as Charles University, The Academy of Arts (FAMU, HAMU), friends and colleagues. It opened a door into sound art and arts-based research.

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