Andrea Dancer

Sound Artist Composer Educator

Love of Meat

Listen to the Love of Dead Meat composition,  part of the Erotics of Sound Exhibition,  Educational Program and Decadence Now! exhibition in the Rudolfinum Gallery and Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Prague, 2010-2011.

Notes from the Audio Project

Kravin – the Cow Palace

Hundreds of steer in one barn tethered to a life of meat production. The livelihood of the village.  Once cows roamed the pastures, but not now since ten years or so ago. Errily silent as you approach, the stinking clouds of flies rise like steam, and then the cows break production protocol with their bodies, breath and voices.

Listen in.

Beginning Behind the End.

Listen in to Riding Up

I  bike through the village and up the hill.  Sunday morning and my neighbour is  cutting wood on a table saw as usual. I pass his wife and newborn son farther up the road and say the customary “Good Morning.”  Cars pass and a motor bike beeps for no good reason.  Something lands on my bare arm. The ascent begins. (3:50)

Listen in to First Encounter

I climb up in the wind and quietude. Considering where I am and the silence of  the 100 or so trough side cows crowding one end. Shuffling, snuffling, breathing, and chewing. Beginnings of encounter. I rattle the gate lock and one steer, with an orange tag marked 3910, responds to the gesture.  (8:00)

Preparatory at the trough.

Listen in to  Splice.

One cow breathes while another hoots. (00: 20)

Listen in to Warming Up.

The cow chorus exercises their vocal cords, shuffles their feet, and recalls their parts. Breathing and mouth chewing ensue. (2:34)

Two Ends Against A Middle.

Listen in to the Away End.

Sequestered by an iron holding pen, space, then a wire fence with a hole in it, the cows are recessed. I am their apparition and they are mine. A single cow faces me and braces his chest forward. Locks me with his eye as though it’s an ear. This is his story. (2:40)

Listen in to Fandungo

Mooving down the length of the building, a series of fans aerate dung and steer. Plastic soles in the long grass. (3:00)

Listen in to the Towards End.

Choral in the corral. Many voices press and express. I am impressed and depressed. Vegetarianism makes sense. (3:14)

The End Behind the Beginning.

Listen in to Love Song for J.

In which number 3910, orange ear rings dangling, serenades J, low and deep.  Promises are made to return.

The Cow Palace in Visual Context

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