Andrea Dancer

Sound Artist Composer Educator


Cisterna Photo Album

At the old Prague Sewerage Station, Gergo Nagy and Andras Blazsek (two electro-acoustic composers), Mattilde Gill, a French-Russian installation artist and I composed an installation with a sound art composition channeled through six wide-range speakers that projected through the sewerage’s ten 19 meter long and 5 meter wide underground water filtration tunnels.

After the audience had gone home, my collaborators  decided to explore deep down in the underworld of backwater tunnels where few venture — taking my binaural mic with them.  I created a composition which melds the original installation sound art piece and it’s algorythmic reverberation through the tunnel matrix as we  encounter … well…many things…

Featuring the digeridoo vertuoso  Ondrej Smekal (CR) from his album Digeridoo Solo III. Also, in collaboration with besorolás alatt (music concrete). Recorded with biaural DSM (Dimensional Stereo Microphones from Sonic Studios ), an M-Audio Microtrack II Recorder, EcoSol Powerstick (battery boost). Edited in Adobe Audition.

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