Andrea Dancer

Sound Artist Composer Educator

Sounds like Home

This piece bridges two worlds — Helen’s Point on Mayne Island, British Columbia’s Gulf Islands and the Vltava’s river’s edge in Prague in the Czech Republic –one my home and the other my adopted home.  It also came to bridge genres and sound art formats.

Listen to a stereo version of multi-channel composition Sounds Like Home .

Commissioned in March 2010, it aired in mono on CBC’s Living Out Loud program (May 28th, Part 2) nation-wide and was performed as a soundscape composition with 8 channel spatialization and a live spoken-word performance that also aired on NAISA Radio webcast and 106.1 FM Toronto as part of the Deep Wireless Festival’s Radio Art Residency. The challenge was to compose a piece that worked in these diverse listening environments: mono, stereo, multi-channel and live performance.

Recorded with biaural DSM (Dimensional Stereo Microphones from Sonic Studios ), an M-Audio Microtrack II Recorder, EcoSol Powerstick (battery boost). Edited in Adobe Audition.

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