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From Albertov to Smichov: Earspan

For ninely minutes on a blustery spring eveningthrough gardens, under passes, staircases, back steps, walled passages, stone gateways, rocky outcrop,  enbankments, trestle, beach and ferry — sounds reshaped space and space reshaped sounds.

Thirty experimental sound artists and radio producers traced routes through Prague’s Vyšehrad and across the Vltava River, encountering intervention and improvisation composed to heighten the listening experience — marbles in a tunnel, a cellist in an archway, owls hooting in the daytime, singing in a hidden courtyard, a mouth-organist in an windy orchard, 

a ferry 
accordionist under the railway bridge, a train blasting past and radios on the man-made beach that change stations according to the vibrations made in the river’s water every time a train passes over (an homage to radio art and artists) — plus many serendipidous acoustic happenings — multitudes of acoustic experiences to re-tuned the multitude of ears.

Audio notes from the production


In the months that lead up to and followed the soundwalk performance, Michal Kindernay and I recorded features of the acoustic landscape from pre-dawn to evening and created a soundscape composition of the route. We were joined by students from ZKM Karlsruhe University and Prague’s Film Academy.

Listen to the resulting composition, Walking Sound here or on the R(a)dio(custica) program website, where it aired in October, 2011. 

Details about the collaboration and soundwalk are available here: check out Michal Kindernay’s radio intervention: envituner; and listen to Kateřina Zochová’s  marbles game.

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